Your Value is Your Brand

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I believe that the understated design produces great results.

That simple is better than complex.

That eye-catching websites should be clean and concise.

That design doesn’t have to be complicated and every business owner should be proud and excited to share their brand.

I’m Kelly, an experienced brand strategist and brand designer, sippin’ coffee and getting creative in my home studio just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My happy place is helping small business owners like you showcase their expertise and tell their unique brand story through a clean, simple and cohesive design.

Kelly is a Minnesota-native who loves helping service-based businesses create a consistent and cohesive brand through intentional strategy and thoughtful design. When she’s not collaborating with clients, you can find her working on a home renovation project alongside her husband and documenting the progress on their blog, North Country Nest.

Kelly’s Books Recommendations:

Brene Brown Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Gay Hendricks: The Big Leap

Beauty Tips: Exercise every day, even it’s just walking and getting outside. Your self- confidence will increase!!!

And here are the links to learn more:

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