Yoga Retreat 2020

yoga retreat year

Yoga Retreat 2020 - Super Success!

How To Have Your Own Yoga Retreat and Feel Like a New Person! 

You know that feeling you get dreaming about a relaxing yoga getaway. 

Only to find they are too expensive, too far away, or canceled by COVID!

Us too! After months of searching, waiting, and being completely DISAPPOINTED!

We decide to have our OWN Yoga Retreat 2020. 

It was the best time ever and we had SO MUCH FUN as you will hear me say one million times! 

Here’s our advice and what we learned.  

First, find a friend (Thanks, Holly Nunez) or two that would love a yoga retreat as much as you. Pick the location and date together, there are a ton of great deals right now. VRBO a home with a great view.

Once you have your destination, start thinking about your yoga retreat activities.

For inspiration research a few yoga retreats online and look at their daily schedule. You can use that as an outline or create your own.

Yoga Retreat 2020

Here are a few examples: 

Journal writing: Create some good writing prompts. Goal setting, dream big.

Yoga: Download your favorite teacher or class. 

Meditations: Pick a few topics, gratitude, motivation, sleep, relaxation, and healing. Download for easy access. (bring a small speaker) 

Pick an activity like hiking, rafting, nature trails, SUP yoga (on the water) 

Select your menu: This is my favorite. Just stop by the nearest health food store and only get what you will eat. There is nothing worse than throwing away good food. 

Decide on a few things that MUST DO’s, like sunrise or sunset yoga, meditation before bed, or first thing in the morning. Whatever is your favorite. 

Create your daily agenda but know that it is just a guide and the only thing required is the MUST DO. 

In all honesty, we had an idea of what we wanted to do, but things just fell together as we went. 

Here is our Yoga Retreat 2020 Schedule 

Day One: Arrive/Travel day

  • Yoga flow to relax from travel
  • Healthy dinner

Day Two:

  • 5 am: Get ready / Coffee
  • 6 am: Garden of the Gods 3-mile hike  
  • 9 am:
    • Yoga Flow
    • Meditation: Gratitude 
    • Journal Writing/Vision Board ideas
  • 10 am Relax
  • 11 am: Lunch 
  • 12:30 pm: Bear Creek Hiking 7-mile hike
  •  5:30 pm: Dinner

Day Three: 

  • 6 am: Yoga Restorative
  • Get ready to head home

It was the BEST TIME EVER!!!!

So pick your date and location, put it on the calendar, and enjoy that feeling of looking forward to your very own retreat! 

Remember, your yoga retreat isn’t about hitting that perfect pose or taking the best Insta pics. It’s resetting your goals, taking time for yourself, and enjoying a fun, healthy weekend. 

Tips for easy travel. 

  • Have all your destinations set up on your google maps or Waze. Activities, restaurants, wine bars, etc. 
  • Make sure there is a first aid kit somewhere!!! (yep, we needed an ice pack)
  • Make a list of everything needed for the activities, sunscreen, wireless speaker, yoga mat, towels, etc. Double-check before leaving the house. 
  • Create your playlist. We spent way too much time searching for good music! 

We are making this an annual retreat! Here’s our story!


For more retreat info, check out:

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