TwinEngine: Stand Out. Take Off. Stay On Course.

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For over 20 years Lorrie has worked with her identical twin sister at TwinEngine, a brand consulting firm, to help leaders grow their business and stand out from the competition.  LorrieLee

She’s collaborated with some of the largest public and privately-held companies in the region, helping them define their distinct advantage and what they stand for and build a plan to take off. Her business style as collaborative and relationship-based and her left brain with her sister’s right brain thinking helps businesses align their brand strategy with their business strategy.

She’s co-written 2 books — Stand Out: Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business; and What Do You Stand For? that helps individuals define what makes them truly unique and the difference they make in the world.

Along with her sister, she is launching the new release of Brand in the Box next month.  This is a subscription DIY kit that empowers teams to grow their brand through actionable tools and guides.

In her free time, she loves traveling, running and hot yoga.  Stand Out. Take Off. Stand On Course.

Lorries Lee email:


What Do You Stand For? contact Lorrie for a copy.

Stand Out: Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business

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