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Perfect for businesswomen of all ages. Tawnie Breaux (that’s me!) creates a straightforward, get-to-the-point guide for mastering the art of self-confidence using lessons from years of experience in a male-dominated industry.

As a high-value sales leader, business owner, and author, her website Books, Beauty and Business ranked # 18 among the most inspirational resources for small business owners.  (That’s this one)

Women in Power shares just how building credibility quickly and with confidence is key to beginning any successful relationship. Whether in your business career or personal life, these skills in confidence-building will get you through high-stress situations with the positive outcomes you want.

Tawnie Breaux Women in Power
Tawnie Breaux Women in Power

Women in Power provides everyday tips to build the confidence needed to successfully engage with people of every position in business meetings, interviews, and networking events.

If you desire to take your career to the next level, exceed financial goals, and take that much-needed vacation, this book will set you apart from the general rat race and help get you there faster.

Creating a successful career starts with a few simple strategies.  Enjoy these everyday tips to unlock your power and know your worth.

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