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The 5 Second Rule is a great story, easy to read or listen to on Audible. Mel Robbins herself reads the audible, and she did a great job. Sometimes just the voice of the reader can make a good book bad. Mel tells about the science behind this advice.

The 5 Second Rule opens your mind to a view voice. I’ve talked about this rule a lot. The power that, in 5 seconds, you can talk yourself out of just about anything is authentic. In my younger life, I read about ways to overcome procrastination; you need to listen to yourself when those random thoughts come into your mind. Like call Mom, call, “enter friend’s name,” I should do some laundry, I need to get gas today before my meeting in the morning…. etc. When you think that, please do it. Right then, right there.

This is the same concept as the 5-second rule. Mel Robbins takes this to the next level and explains how a 5-second decision will change your life. There are real-life stories of people overcoming the 5-second rule and having the courage to take action.

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The 5 Second Rule by Mel Gibbons

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