Episode #32 Patrice Ford Lyn: Executive Coach

Patrice Ford Lyn: Executive Coach

I go beyond solving problems to transforming your understanding of what’s possible.

Working with Companies: How do you secure, nurture, and retain high-performing executives? How do you enable them to shift more deeply into their own awareness and power so that they are bringing their best to the company? Let Catapult Change be the thought partner to help you figure out the individual and organizational changes needed to secure, retain and fortify top talent.

Working with Individuals: It may look like you have an amazing life, but that doesn’t mean it is your best life. No doubt you know how to execute – you are an executive, and that didn’t happen by accident. But you know more is possible for you. You are not ready to plateau. You need to build and leverage a more powerful network, run your calendar instead of having your calendar run you, and prioritize your self-care so you have the mental space to imagine the highest possibilities for your life and the energy to attain it.

Since receiving an undergraduate degree in sociology from Yale University and a graduate degree in nonprofit management from Harvard’s Kennedy School, I have guided the startup of three national-level organizations for more than 25 years (including as a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton for 10+ years) I have worked with leaders in national corporations, nonprofits, federal agencies, and international development organizations to build their organizations while supporting them through their own personal growth.

Whether working with a leadership team or coaching an individual, I thrive at facilitating strategic conversations that lead clients to important insights, interventions, meaningful action, and transformational outcomes.

Book Recommendations:

LinkedIn  The Audacity to Believe in Ourselves

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Beauty/ Healthy Tips:

Rest, get your sleep. It’s a requirement, not an option.  

Daily Tips:

Know your time of the day to be most effective. 

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