GO TO TIMEOUT! I said to myself…

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Annoyed and upset, I said aloud to myself driving home “You need to go to time out right NOW!!!!! I laughed because I sure did need a time out!

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That morning I found myself angry about everything. There were a hundred small inconveniences that catapulted me into a negative place. I woke up mad, the alarm when off too early.  I was angry about getting dressed. These clothes were ALL terrible. I was waiting for an important phone call that should have come but didn’t. There were unknows in work. I needed to pay bills, taxes and grocery shopping. Blah blah blah

All these things I happily do every day and usually I am relatively energized about. 

So I sat down for a few minutes to think about what really going on and I realized I have been neglecting my meditation time and reading time lately. I haven’t taken time to center my mind and reconnect to the peace and contentment that is found in a few minutes of time out.  We all have things in life that help center us and bring us back to our happy place. During this time of year where stress is waiting in every long line at check out and traffic is insanely busy. Take a few extra minutes to put yourself in Time Out.

You will appreciate the outcome and smile a little while sitting in the corner.

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