Ginny Ellsworth: Spirit-Led Decisions

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Do you know the Secret of Successful Decision Making?

What big decisions are you tackling in 2021? Marriage, career path, transitioning to a new field?

As a best selling author and intuitive coach, Ginny teaches how to find the right path.

Learn how to quiet the outside voices and KNOW that you are making the right decision.

Ginny’s new book Making Spirit-led Decisions for Your Marriage will guide you through a unique decision making process that will provide complete confidence that you are making the right decision for YOU!

“As a writer, I’ve gotten to tell the most powerful stories of some pretty unassuming people, but it was the power in my own story that led me to become an Intuitive Coach. My life was far from what I had planned, and I chalked it up to bad decisions. When I stepped into the power of my story and learned how to find the right answers, I realized the story I’d been telling myself was so untrue… and my life began to change.”

“In Making Spirit-led Decisions for Your Marriage, I share how I developed a closer connection to God by embracing my own story of love, loss, and redemption. This book guides you through steps to quiet outside influences and hear the spirit speak through your own inner wisdom, a process that took me years to learn.” – Ginny

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Ginny Ellsworth Spirit-Led Decisions

Book Recommendations:

Order on Amazon: Making Spirit-Led Decisions for Your Marriage: Unlock the Right Answer for Your Relationship

Book for kids: Rise Up: reach for your light

Despite a growing awareness of the benefits of meditation for adults, few resources exist for teaching meditation and mindfulness to children. Rise Up is a daily meditation that has been adapted for children, giving parents a tool to help teach their children how to recognize emotions and get centered before (or without) reacting to negative emotions that arise. This book presents a valuable intrapersonal skill for all ages, regardless of religion, in a fun, playful way. Don’t worry, grown-ups; there is a guided meditation included for you too!

Beauty Tip:

Beauty counter products. They are natural and Ginny’s newest obsession.

Daily Tips:

Make sure to take time for SELF CARE. True self care of your soul. Take some quiet time to recharge.

Ginny’s contact info:

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