Episode #34: Leesa Csolak – Performing Arts Consultant

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Leesa Csolak – Performing Arts Consultant

Leesa Csolak is an expert international career consultant specializing in the performing arts. She has helped hundreds of clients, minors, and adults, to gain professional representation and have successful careers in the performing arts, on stage including Broadway, in Film, on Television, in Commercials, Print, Voice Over, Commercial Dance, in the Music Industry, and more. 

Having worked in many aspects of the performance industry for four decades, she has been helping both parents of talented children, as well as young adult actors, singers, and dancers, launch careers by giving them insight and guidance and sharing real and true information that is not available elsewhere.  

Her new, groundbreaking online courses, Professional Kids & Teens 101; A Primer for Parents, and Professional Biz 201; Young Adults, College Students & Grads offer clients a fast track to top industry networks and training, resume-building opportunities and all the tools necessary to obtain professional representation (getting a top-level agent or manager). She teaches exactly how this elusive industry functions from the inside out based on years of navigating it herself and with and for her own children and her many clients. 

Leesa has been a select speaker at national events both live and virtually, quoted as an expert in Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit for Dance Media, Inc, Devine MagazineAuthority Magazine, and has been a featured expert on managing children, teens, and young adult careers on Oxygen for NBC Universal. Leesa is a sought-after industry expert speaking on stages throughout the US and as a guest on podcasts and on YouTube regularly.  This is all in an effort to allow talented individuals the chance to have the support they need and the career of their dreams. 

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