Episode #32 Eleanor Kinsey – Hypnotherapist

Eleanor Kinsey

Eleanor Kinsey - Hypnotherapist

As a professional coach, leadership strategist, and holistic self-care trainer, Eleanor elevates awareness and creates lasting change. With a powerful presence and steady focus, she helps leaders uncover their authentic voices, harness their purpose, and move forward.

Eleanor Kinsey has dedicated herself to awakening human potential through the science of consciousness and subconsciousness for twenty years.

“True wellness is trusting that you are enough, that you are worthy, and feeling that truth deep within yourself instead of just thinking it. This state is easily within reach for anyone who wants it.”

https://www.dive-intuit.com/ Eleanor Kinsey – Hypnotherapist

Book Recommendations: The Myth of Normal 

Beauty/ Healthy Tips: Set Your Intention for the Day 

Daily Tips: You are loved..and you are worthy. 

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