Daily Grind – Why do we do it?

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That is a mood.

As I sit on my couch, drinking master cleanse lemonade, recovering from foot surgery, working on my laptop. Something hit me.

Seriously, what am I doing with my life? I’m not saving the whales or fixing the immigration process or saving hungry children. Life should have some higher purpose, right? We should all be living our best life.

So many books about finding your purpose, living up to your fullest potential, find the 10X level, wash your face, and be your best self philosophy.

Some days I call bull shit. 

We all have days of reflection and question our purpose. We get tired of the daily grind. We throw our hands up and say “What is the point?????!!!!!!” My life isn’t unicorns farting rainbows, shit happens and we get depressed. We binge watch Netflix or play Xbox for 45 hours straight.  It happens, to all of us.

The difference is, we think about it and start to own our actions, we keep moving forward. Remembering that “happy” is a choice and so is growing, learning and being healthy. But I have my days!

Today I heard Sadhguru talk about one thing that gives perspective in those days of doubt.

This simple act of awareness will motivate you, encourage you and somewhat scare the crap out of you.

Here’s the secret.

We are all going to die. Pretty basic. Completely true. Life is just a brief happening.

He stated the fact that you opened your eyes today is a blessing. The fact that your loved ones opened their eyes and are alive, is a blessing.

One million people will go to sleep tonight and not wake up tomorrow. We are here for a brief time. We are mortal.

Which is a good thing because we would be annoying as hell if we lived forever.

We have a brief life to live.

It’s a blessing to open our eyes. What we do with this brief time is up to each of us. We take this for granted until we are hit with a lost loved one. Then our world stops, and we are forced to appreciate life.

Every morning repeat. “This day is a blessing.” Go out and live this day to the fullest.

This thought will alter your choice, voice, and actions. If you do this daily, you may change your life path….or you can call bull shit.

How will you spend your time? Enjoy your daily grind. 

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