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Meet Chelsea Haines…

Ever travel the world as a yoga teacher on a yacht?? How about living with the love of your life in Portugal for a few months before traveling to your next perfect destination??? Chelsea has a story and it’s inspiring as well as educational. Join us to hear more!!!

As a Certified Gut Health Coach specializing in Health Optimization through Gut Health and the Abundance Mindset, Chelsea believes that with a healed gut, healing your mind and soul is inevitable. 

This interview shares tips and tools that will change your life. Why are you stuck and not traveling the world??? How are you feeling each day? Do you wake up with energy? It’s all about the gut and other things…

Chelsea Haines Health Coach

Join us on this great adventure with Chelsea Haines Health Coach…

Chelsea Haines Certified Gut Health Coach

Intuitive Gut Health Coach
HOST: Let’s Start Health, The Podcast

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