Creating Habits – The Easy Way

James Clear is my favorite author this month. He released a new book called Atomic Habits. The pre-sale sample was so great I recommended this before I even finished it! It was an easy read and I kept going back to reread sections over and over, it was extremely refreshing. He also creates a greatContinue reading “Creating Habits – The Easy Way”

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

I just finished Dare to Lead. One of my favorite authors and local to Houston. This book takes being vulnerable to the next level. Four Minute Overview There are so many great topics to cover. My favorite was taking a second to figure out what are your two core values. Then always assess yourself against them. People that understand theirContinue reading “Dare to Lead by Brene Brown”

The Myth of the Nice Girl

I have downloaded the audible version, the Kindle version, and today I ordered a hard copy. So many great topics ranging from effective communication and leadership skills to negotiation tactics, to networking strategies.  I really like the fact that Fran provides effective examples to apply these skills immediately. This is what has led to meContinue reading “The Myth of the Nice Girl”

Rules Rules Rules – The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule is a great story, easy to read or listen to on Audible. The audible is read by Mel Robbins herself and she did a great job. Sometimes just the voice of the reader can make a good book bad. Mel tells about the science behind this advice. The 5 Second RuleContinue reading “Rules Rules Rules – The 5 Second Rule”

iNspired by the Movie – Girl, Wash Your Face

All of us are successful women with amazing stories to tell. With kids, dogs, jobs, husbands, and the ALL drama that comes with it, we have to WORK to find time to get together, unwind and talk.  We share insights, latest beauty tips, favorite wines, political commentary. (From both sides which are getting easier and easier)Continue reading “iNspired by the Movie – Girl, Wash Your Face”