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We are excited to introduce Carmen Cholopisa. Co-Founder of Live Breathe Retreat and yoga instructor at Black Swan Yoga. Carmen is a high-vibin, cat loving, feed your soul human. The second you are around her, you will feel the energy she radiates.

That same high energy carries over to her classes, and she always tries to share that yoga is accessible to anyone and everyone, and can be fun and loud and crazy.


But she makes sure to balance out all those powerful crazy moments with stillness and quiet. She acknowledges that there is something much deeper in the silence, and yoga can break through any walls if you let yourself be open to it.

If you have ever felt that pull to something greater then followed it. You will love her story.

The Four Agreements – Miguel Ruiz

Everything Brene Brown – the gifts of imperfection – Daring greatly-

Own the Day Own your Life – Aubrey Marcus

Ashtanga Yoga – Kino MacGregor

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