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#1 Dieting Mistake

If you haven’t personally experienced this I can promise you know someone who has. 

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The Power of Thought

The Secret is a mindset. It’s a guide to intentionally focus your thoughts

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Episode #10 Lorrie Lee: TwinEngine

Lorrie “L” Brignac Lee, Chief Left Engine. Co-Founder of TwinEngine, a brand consulting firm, and co-writer of What Do You Stand For a book that helps individuals define what makes them truly unique and the difference they make in the world. Join us to hear her story and tips for success.

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Taking Control – Mind Control 101

Mind-Control is defined as: Subverting by means of psychological tactics an individual’s control of his or her mind (thinking, behavior,

Episode #4 Mind Games

The fierce competition to be the best, perfect at everything. Women need to