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Coaching Works

Coaching: what it is and what it isn’t. Coaching works. We hear this

diverse group of

Coaching Works

Coaching works. Accountability accelerates your performance to successfully hit your goals. Schedule a complimentary session with a coach TODAY.

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Episode #24: Chelsea Haines Health Coach

Ever travel the world as a yoga teacher on a yacht?? How about living with the love of your life in Portugal for a few months before traveling to your next perfect destination??? Chelsea has a story and it’s inspiring and educational. Join us to hear more!!!

yoga retreat year

Yoga Retreat 2020

How To Have Your Own Yoga Retreat and Feel Like a New Person!

witt and company

Episode #13 Kelly Witt: Your Value is Your Brand

Have you ever tried creating your own LOGO??? Kelly shares her strategies on creating a value-based brand that you can be proud of!!! Your Value is Your Brand. Join us for this informative interview with Kelly Witt.

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Episode #12 Sallie Holder: Hitting Rock Middle

“Rock Middle” – a feeling in which one is externally successful while being internally paralyzed from making a change and feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

women in power

Secrets for success…

Perfect for businesswomen of all ages. Tawnie Breaux (that’s me!) creates a straightforward,

the four agreement

The Four Agreements

So many people highly recommend this book. And once you pick it up,