Beauty Products & Gift ideas

Beauty Products for Women: This is where we share our favorite beauty secrets and health tips. Not that we are obsessed about either but hey, we all want to look amazing! There is no incentive in promoting these products. Maybe a few discounts if the links here are used. We want to share our favs with our tribe!


Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth

We add this to our coffee each morning! Collagen peptides and bone broth are fantastic for bodies young and old. They have anti-aging effects, enhance beautiful skin and hair, can help bolster your immune system and promote healthy digestion. They’re vital to bone, muscle, tendon and ligament health too. Warrior Strong Wellness believes in giving customers a potent formula made in the USA from premium grass-fed beef sources.

If you don’t use this one FIND one for you that works!!!

Fun Fit Fab Box

As a FabFitFun Member, you’ll get a box of fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, hand-picked by the FabFitFun team, delivered once per season. Four times a year, you will be sent a seasonal box! Each box is a limited edition and contains $200+ in retail value. Boxes are shipped in March, June, September, and December.  Use the link above for a discount on the first box.




Date perfumes before marrying them.   Use this link for a fee fragrance.  MyScentBird We hope you enjoy it!



Take Care of Your Body. It’s the Only Place You Have to Live. Aluminum Free Deodorant. It works and smells amazing. You may need to try a few natural deodorant products to find one the WORKS. I have tried them ALL and found that I have to switch them up frequently or they don’t work as well. This box has some great scents. You will smell wonderful!



Moxie Lash:

Easy-on, easy-off reusable eyelashes using magnetic eyeliner for magnetic eyelashes. These are super fun. However, I had them one for six hours and it was a little painful to get off, but not so bad I won’t use them again.


My favorite false lashes! You can get yours here $10 off your first order! https://prz.io/PYZpNAfm



Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover. OK ladies, seriously as you get older it seems those stray tiny hairs start are appearing. This is your SOLUTION. 

This is the perfect addition to your makeup bag! Amazon https://amzn.to/2T7o3yO