Be Your Best, Refresh Your Mind: How To Avoid Burn Out

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We all need to relax at some point.

Americans take Life at such a breakneck pace. This isn’t truly realized until you visit another country and experience Life in another culture. Then, the pace slows down, the tension fades away, and you finally ease in and relax. You might even whisper, “Life is so much slower here. No one is in a hurry.” For those control type-A’s, it may take a few days to relax completely. Unplug from your computer and phone, and stop reaching for the social media, emails, and calendar that usually take up your time and Life.

In our world, we have to meet deadlines, take care of our homes and family plus be leaders in our jobs. We have to schedule every hour of our day in Outlook. We are forced to schedule the time to read, work out, meditate, and relax, or we will never find time for it. The one thing we count on is the fast pace our minds have been able to keep up, make decisions and stay in the game. But let me warn you. There needs to be an extended time to relax and unplug at least once a year, if not more. I know most of us have not taken a REAL vacation in years.

Watching our children grow up will hit us in the face, and we need to make more memories together.

You never reflect on your year and reminisce about weeks of great meetings and stressful nights. But do you remember that trip with the kids over spring break? How you enjoyed watching your children laugh and experience new things. Before we know it, Life will slip by; we will be left regretting all those times we should have taken to share what’s important.

Hitting that deadline, being in the game, and being on top is always a thrill, and we live for the win. However, if you keep up this pace without making time for family and self-care, in the end, it will be for nothing. The only reason we are here is to create memories; it’s the only thing we will have to take with us.

Please make the most of them.

Remember you are at your best when you practice self-care and take time to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Studies have proven that vacations lead to longer careers, more productive time spent at work, and better attitudes in stressful situations. Take time daily to relax and meditate. The Miracle Morning – Rise and Shine – The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod is a great place to start. Then plan your next vacation. Save up for a week with your family. Most of us are NOT planners but create adulting and plan your next vacation NOW.

When you get home from relaxing, take a day to get ready for Monday with renewed energy, brighter attitudes, and new ideas. Then think about your next adventure. Find a photo of it and put it on your vision board. It will give you something to look forward to, a new goal to achieve, and fantastic new memories to make.

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