Sprinkling magic into your life!

Cece Heart
Hey, I’m Cece and it’s my life’s mission to bring to you the gift that changed my life– healthy, plant-based food! Like magic, this wonderous shift I made to fresh, organic food from the Earth has provided me with a new life and I hope to share that with you!
I also like dancing in the rain, telling wild stories, backpacking around the world, and posing awkwardly in front of beautiful backdrops.
Transforming your life by cultivating the healing that’s within our food and the natural, mystical world around us! Let what you eat to be your potion. Fall in love with life and taste the magic!
Heart Inspired ❊- ❋- Plant Powered Lifestyle
Cece’s Recommended Books:
The 5 Second Rule: Mel Robbins
Atomic Habits: James Clear
Book of Ceremony: Sandra Ingerman
Energetic Boundaries: Cyndie Dale
The Secret: Rhonda Byrne
The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho
Eat To Live: Dr Joel Furhman
Food Revolution: John Robbins
Beauty Tips:
Use natural flowers for hair coloring!
Website: ceceheart.com


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